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Danny the Dog aka Unleashed


Meet Danny - raised by a brutal gangster to be nothing more than a vicious attack dog, now he's off the leash and searching for a better life in... Charing Cross?

Set in an alternative universe where weegies have been eradicated and replaced by cockneys and actors with shite american accents, this is the only move where you can watch Jet Li try on a 'see you jimmy' hat! The only movie where you can watch a shedload of gangsters get the shit kicked out of them in a tenement close!The only movie brave enough to answer the age-old question of who would win in a fight between Jet Li and Bob Hoskins!

Join Trash Cinema for an evening of arse-kicking and squinting at a film screen trying to figure out which bit of Glasgow has just had a couple of pints of scumbag splattered all over it.

Doors open 7pm with a pre-show selection of retro trailers, ads and trashy entertainment, followed by the movie at 7.30pm - Monday the 8th of May at The Old Hairdresser's.

Free popcorn and sweeties for all!