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Hallowe'en Horror Double-Bill


Join Trash Cinema for an evening of hot dogs, horror movies and howling at the moon, with our Hallowe'en double bill!

First up is Bad Moon - a cautionary tale about what happens when you don't let your dog vet any new lodgers. Even if they are your beloved uncle, showing up mysteriously just as a series of viscerally eviscerated corpses start showing up in your neighbourhood - the dog gets final say. Pure 90's cheese with some extra blood on the side.

After our interval of free hot dogs with all the trimmings comes a twisted tale of a sisterly bond torn apart when one of them succumbs to a terrible monthly curse - Ginger Snaps! Wickedly funny, gloriously gruesome and pretty much 100% accurate portrayal of growing up goth in a dead-end town - this is an unmissable cult werewolf classic.

Thursday 19th October - Doors open at 6pm at the Old Hairdressers' ( with the first movie at 6.20pm.

Free popcorn - free hallowe'en sweets - free hot dogs for all!