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  • Cyborg

Start your year the Trash way without screening of Albert Pyun's 1989 Cannon classic Cyborg!

In a world devastated by an unstoppable plague, cyborg Pearl Prophet is on a mission to carry the cure to the CDC scientists in hiding in Atlanta. Beset upon by the carnage-loving Fender and his band of Flesh Pirates - only one man and his big bulging Belgian muscles can save both her and humanity itself.

Join us for an evening of spinning kicks and machete mayhem, as JCvD saves the world and gets some righteous revenge along the way.

Doors open 7pm with a pre-show selection of retro trailers, ads and trashy entertainment, followed by the movie at 7.30pm - Monday the 16th of January at The Old Hairdresser's.

Free popcorn and sweeties for all.