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Streets of Fire


This February join Trash Cinema for a screening of Walter Hill's cult rock'n'roll adventure - Streets of Fire (1984)!

In the words of the man himself, it's a movie about

"Custom cars. Kissing in the rain. Neon. Trains in the night. High-speed pursuit. Rumbles. Rock Stars. Motorcycles. Jokes in tough situations. Leather jackets and questions of honour"

It's a movie where the Leader of the Pack steals the Queen of the Hop and Soldier Boy comes home to do something about it - all set to one of the finest movie soundtracks of the eighties. Be there or be square.

Doors open 7pm with a pre-show selection of retro trailers, ads and trashy entertainment, followed by the movie at 7.30pm - Monday the 13th of February at The Old Hairdresser's.

Free popcorn and sweeties for all.

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