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In the Mouth of Madness


They say Sutter Cane's stories are all the same - slimy things in the dark, people going mad, turning into monsters - but now they're spilling off the page. There's no escaping the killing, the torment, the twisted transformations... humanity's final chapter is already written.

Can you see?

Reality ain't wait it used to be.

Join Trash Cinema for a screening of John Carpenter's apocalyptic horror classic - In the Mouth of Madness! Featuring a slowly unravelling Sam Neill, a host of gruesome, ravenous demons and the grisly end of the human race.

Doors open 7pm with a pre-show selection of retro trailers, ads and trashy entertainment, followed by the movie at 7.30pm - Monday the 13th of March at The Old Hairdresser's.

Free popcorn and sweeties for all.